TinyAudio Library

Audio digital signal processing is a computing intensive function. Zonal controllers for low end consumer vehicles are designed using low cost / low DMIPS microcontrollers Tiny Audio is a performance optimized audio library designed for playback solutions on low power embedded microcontrollers like ARM Cortex-M, Aurix and RH850. Designed to serve specific use cases like Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System standard and interior acoustic switches.

  • Designed from scratch for low end microcontrollers
    • To reduce system cost through removing the need for dedicated DSP
    • Utilizes architecture specific DSP features like ARM DSP extensions
    • Accelerated based on CPU features
  • Possible to run on classic / adaptive AUTOSAR
  • Plugin based architecture to reduce RAM / ROM footprint
  • Implements safety features to support safe audio such as AVAS and interior emotional sounds.